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Figure Skate Sharpening By Mark Ladwig

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ON ICE Help! Winter is coming. Cold, snow, ice. Yeah, the ice. There are athletes who consider it a real boon, proud, icy cold alternative to other sports, mountaineering, skiing, skiing. Ice skating is a unique, unrepeatable, it's like floating, walking on water, slip on an item that only made ​​solid by the low temperature allows our body to remain supported and to move faster on the surface thanks to sharp shoes d ' steel.

Marco Volpatto

There is energy in ice skating: hardened steel blades that cut through hard surfaces as drawing circles and figures and choreography, the bodies that merge and intertwine, they always seem on the verge of falling, held together by the magical element the speed from which they draw the strength to hover above the ground and to propose in elegant figures. There is history in ice skating, born officially in Canada in mid-800 has quickly spread like wildfire in America and Nordic, Alpine, Pyrenean and Slavic. In Turin in 1874 founded the Circle skaters who trains and competes with honor for decades on the ice of an artificial lake created for this purpose at Valentino where even today, to rotelliere, you can have fun gliding on skates. Ice skating is a matter of balance, fine corrections, adjustments of small but deep and careful study of the movement. Besides that, of course, of rapidity. Ice skating is real sport, tiring and a nice, healthy, competitive, entertaining. The areas of responsibility are three: or Figure Skating (Italy is at the top with the couple Fusar Poli - Margaglio European champion and World Champion); or race, background and "short track", ie long distances and speeds, including the pursuit races; or Ice Hockey, team sports fascinating and hard, male, also in the sense that there are, at least to us, women's teams, in simple rules, complex strategies, preparation and, above all, in the materials. Ice hockey is intense discipline, with rules on the edge of harshness, play extremely fast, high tempo, pressing. The ball is a metal disc hit by a bat, appendix, continuation of hands and feet. The goal is to center the goal and inflate the network, after passing the biggest obstacles or the goalkeeper, a kind of Martian alien who was also decked poker and protective armor, modesty, bracers, shell, helmet, hand guards, paratutto. It is played in six, the trouble, the most serious problem is that the others are in themselves. And they run, even glide on the ice like mad, and despite the speed, agility and maintain fluency in control of the puck with the stick just over a meter long, there is no limit to the field, in the sense that the disc never goes out, simply bounces off the walls and back on the ground, excuse me, the "ice game, " good to be hit again, the bottom field is rounded, you play even behind the door, in a situation sporty and exciting, from which he rarely gives rise to the goals. In the regions of the Big Chill Hockey is one of the most practiced sports: Canada, Russia, United States, Norway, Argentina, Denmark and Sweden have national federations which, in terms of numbers, equipment, spectators and business compete with athletics and the most important disciplines of team, basketball, swimming, soccer and football. With us, the movement is of average profile, practitioners and later come from the alpine areas, and it could not be otherwise, since the historical works of "ice water" were born outdoors, the mountains and valleys from the cold winters, very cold of our North. Valle d'Aosta, high valleys of Lombardy, Veneto, Alto Adige and Friuli, along with Piedmont, create a federation, the FISG, (Italian Federation of Ice Sports) and a league made ​​up of one hundred and fifty companies divided into three categories as well as those youth. Other Nordic sport little known to us, more like the game of bowls, he's curling that consists of bringing a big bowl of granite weighing 19 pounds at the center of the ice rink, where the "home". To do this you use the special "scope" with whom you frantically clean the ice in front of the trajectory of the ball, so that glides more easily to the concentric circles that form the house. It is not necessary to know how to skate: at the foot of wearing special shoes that allow you to slip and brake with ease. The Federation collects all skaters, so even artistic and running. Of the artistic and we have already mentioned: it is art before it is sports, is rhythm, music, choreography Olympic discipline for excellence and great traditions with races for couples and singles, it is wonderful to see a show, full of high emotional meanings. We are on top of the world, the number of practitioners is discrete, not very high because the chances of economic survival do not compensate for, probably, the sacrifices that such legislation imposes a young person who wants to practice at a high level. Finally there are the speed races, skiing and short track speed skating, in recent years put a little 'in the shade from the disciplines "on line", roller skates, easier to use and, above all, universally practiced: simply a road, a square or a Sunday without cars and away you go. The ice is fascinating but carries with it the disadvantage of being seasonal and rare. In Turin, the ice skating you can practice in the course Massimo (Turin Exhibition) in what a time it was called the Ice Palace, in the course Tazzoli at the training ground and Murialdo of Rivoli. Otherwise, pending built the new Olympic Ice Stadium (all races "On ice" of the Games will be held in the city), you have to go out, go up, go to the mountains: Limone Piemonte, Bardonecchia, Ala di Stura, Cogne, Pragelato, Aosta , Gressoney, Cuneo valleys, Ossola, Sauze d'Oulx, Courmayeur, in every valley there is at least one plant that, in winter, is open to enthusiasts of Sunday, and many, cheerful and skating.

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