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How to select the best boots I can according to my needs? This is one of the biggest problems are the skaters. Sometimes choosing a boot that is too hard or too soft. Maybe a tab lambswool rubber would be better. Sometimes you should use fillers or orthotic insoles to the anatomy of each skater. These are just some of the considerations been taken into account. Unfortunately there are no choices of boots that meet the needs of all skaters. You should consider many factors: age and weight skater, whether it is for: Dance, Figures, Freestyle, what makes the skater jumps, how many hours you skate in a week, etc ...

Observe the model of boot that is working on the same level skaters (testing it, if possible). These are the questions you need to do: The age and weight of a skater are important because they help understanding how to be the hardness, ankle support. If a skater weighs 40 kg. or less to consider a shoe lighter construction two layers of the boot. The adjustable ankle support or stronger fluffier adding or removing material as for a recreational skater or a skater competition. The boot can be for Dance, Freestyle or Figures depend if the blade is for Dance, Figures and Freestyle. Usually a dance boot is the softest of all disciplines. But again depends on the individual. Men often need more support in the ankle than women. In Freestyle boot is needed more supportive. If a skater is a skater and recreational skating only two or three hours in a week, of course you do not need a boot as tough as a competitive skater skate fifteen to thirty hours or more one week. It could take months or years, a recreational skater to tame a boot that is designed for a competitive skater. Often a skater buy a boot that is too hard for you to last longer, this is a mistake because it will take months to try to adapt, so they ended up with blisters and sore ankles. This will take your skating. A skater can not improve or advance when your feet are injured or their boots do not quite fit. Promotes buy a boot intermediate always reinforce the possibility to restore ankle support when it is soft.

The average life span of boots can range from a few months to several years, depending on who and how to use the boots. Advanced skaters Freestyle competition typically spend one to two pairs of boots per season. Dance boots can last from one to two years. A recreational skater you can last more than doubled. A good decision to choose a boot would be the closest match for you, having found the above. If still not sure, you can check with your teacher or with the clerk asking your specialty store catalog and characteristics of the different makes and models. The best boot is the one that is made ​​to measure, but if you have at your fingertips make sure you are snug, but not so tight that you do but smile when you have set, for which you must choose the width standing and corresponding number (there are different types of foot width).

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