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Roman Sadovsky in search results on the ISU Junior Grand Prix circuit

By Beverley Smith

THORNHILL (ONT) - Moisture weighs heavily when the thermometer registers 33 degrees Celsius with a radiant afternoon of August,but in Ed Sackfield rink,it's cold enough to wear down coats and mittens,what suits Roman Sadovsky.

He is preparing to make another triple Axel,again and again.And it's coming.This is what constitutes the summers at the York Region Skating Academy.

Roman is a skater 14 years full of energy and he just passed his first day at a special high school,focusing on sport in the region.And yes,school starts in August.It's all new,but Roman proves that it is very capable of making great progress.Two years ago,he was a novice skater.Last year,he was a junior,finishing third at the Junior Grand Prix in Lake Placid,NY This year,the son of Ukrainian immigrants tried everything to everything.He spends the senior ranks despite his youth,at least at the national level.

He is preparing for the Thornhill Summer Skate,which runs from August 15 to 18,without being at all intimidated by which it must meet. The triple world champion Patrick Chan - a skater he admires - was among the original entries.Roman does not let disconcerting.It has haste.

"It's so good to be the youngest of the group and be with these skaters, " he said."I'm not afraid at all."

It also participates in the Junior Grand Prix in Latvia next week.Internationally,there is still a junior.

Last year,Roman won the junior men's division of the Skate Canada Challenge event,which has qualified for the National Figure Skating Championships Canadian Tire in Mississauga,Ont.He did not participate in the national championships because of a stress fracture in his right foot,but he beat competitors who participated.And its points were higher than those skaters who have won medals.Roman won his division at Skate Canada Challenge with 172.58 points,while teammate Anthony Kan won the junior title in his absence with 167.54 points.

Roman could have stayed at the junior level this year,reasoned her coach Tracy Wainman.But the only competition he has missed all year was the national championships and was the replacement to go to junior worlds: an important goal.At one point,he wants to dominate the world junior,but to do so,it must match the best skaters,who currently perform triple Axels and even quadruple jumps.He works diligently to what he needs: a triple Lutz - triple toe loop and a triple Axel. - продажа щенков в СПБ, недорого.

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