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Tao Xiang Li, his "Transformers" and the studio (Network with map)
Rating agency in Hong Kong, Aug. 16 / Xinhua in many people's eyes, will move to create a talking robot, no cutting-edge technology, professional equipment and huge sums of money can not be achieved. But a Chinese farmer, said he needed only secondary market Amoy cheap parts and innovative minds. According to the Xinhua News Agency reported that in Beijing Maliandao a 16 m2 cottage in grassroots inventor Tao Xiang Li showed nearly two meters tall, looks quite similar to the "Transformers" robots. Although some clunky, but through remote control and sensor sensing, the big guy is not only able to move the arm to imitate human speech, but also winked colleagues handshake.

Only the fifth grade level Tao Xiang Li culture without drawing reference and professional guidance in the case, "complete with feeling" takes time to complete this year, named "Innovation King" robots. Robot body has more than 100 motor and thousands of wires in the two remote control to complete at least 30 movements.

Tao Xiang Li told reporters, making the main tool is the robot drills and cutters, and a 5 m2 and a small courtyard can only put a double bed and a sofa in the room, is his "studio."

Do the robot parts mostly from the secondary market, some even from the "pots and pans in the" pulled out - the robot turns into the helmet by a military canteen, decorative door handles is changed out, chest from the tea box cover, arm is skate board to do. Among the most expensive part is the chest of TV screens, from car TV, spent several hundred dollars Xiang Li Tao.

39-year-old Tao Xiang Li was born in a peasant family in Fuyang, Anhui. Migrant parents have been hoping that he would be a chef, chauffeur, looking for a "steady work to make money", for his head full of ideas can not understand. "They all think I'm playing, did not do serious things." Tao Xiang Li said.

Since 1991, came to Beijing, Tao Xiang Li changed a lot of work, from interior decoration, KTV waiter to equipment maintenance, but he has always insisted inventions hobby. He was in 2009 with five discarded oil drums and scrap parts made of 6.5 m long and weighs 800 kilograms of submarines, a reservoir in Beijing Fangshan rivers near their potential successful trial operation, by the media attention at home and abroad.

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