Canadian Figure Skating women

O Pacific Coliseum

The day of skating

Sunday we were watching the first day of competition figure skating at the Pacific Coliseum. We left home early because we were afraid to have a lot of line to enter because of security.

The Pacific Coliseum

The security at the entrance of the venues is basically the same as an airport. Even they say that you can take into the stadium is the same that you could take on an airplane. Okay you do not take flags into a plane, but it helps people to know what they can take.

In the end it was to go through security faster. What was it took to get there. We took a bus in the center which usually arrive at the Pacific Coliseum in 15 minutes. Only took an hour.

The competition was very cool. Being able to see something you only see on television and a few years ago would not have imagined that there could be seeing is sensational. Especially because this is a sport that is only transmitted by Brazilian TV almost 4 in 4 years.

And the guys skate like hell. Pirouettes give the guy throws the woman up, take it back, jump, run ... make everything look so easy ... We also saw many falls on ice. Several women came to fall sitting.

A couple in the center of the arena (do not remember which)

Women to the top

I've been there!

The best dual of the day was the Chinese who ultimately went on to win the gold. The Canadian duo was not quite right there.

After we returned home wanting to watch the next day of competition. Unfortunately, only on television. Tickets are already sold out. Now only the hand of the moneychangers, and with prices that it is better not to know ...

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