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Aug 22
I hope I do not say too much nonsense in this post, much more technical than the other ....

A few weeks ago I made the nearly half-year supply of roller sports equipment. But I have a chronic problem: when I see something that I know I can hardly resist the temptation to try it.
So here is the "road test" wheels seaming rolls helium. Yes, because your test road (asphalt) it is.
The wheels in question are exactly this: to use our shoes even outside of a skating rink.
The feeling of "rolling" feeling that you have these wheels on the pavement is exactly the same that you are using in-line skates. To the undersigned that came from freestyle skating was for a moment like going back in time, with its heart sank.
, lasciando i settaggi degli sterzi esattamente come li avevo in precedenza per quando mi allenavo sulla nostra bellissima pista di quarzo. According to the advice that I had been given I have absolutely changed any settings on skates, leaving the settings of the steering exactly as I had earlier when I was training for our beautiful track of quartz. To not know to read or write I did not even elongated tips.

These wheels are nothing short of spectacular, but you have a moment to get the knack. They are large, very large, and their diameter is 64mm well as against 57 in which most of us are accustomed. The thrust is most effective as a big wheel to make the same journey has less to do laps, then the rolling friction is less.

The tread of these wheels is a few millimeters wider than the sisters and is made ​​of a rubber that vaguely resembles the infamous FOX (because it is translucent just like the fox)

At first glance you would say that, given the softness of the rubber, the lifetime of these babies is shockingly short. Besides, they are made to run on a rough surface such as asphalt .... in reality it is not so!

Ok ad alcune si sono cancellate le scritte sui bordi ma è anche vero che le uso nei modi meno canonici, quindi è quantomeno condivisibile… The wheels in the pictures have already several hours of use, but the tread is practically new. Were not consumed at all ... Ok some have cleared the writing on the edges but it is also true that the use in ways less canonical, then it is at least acceptable ...

Adherence is rather impressive. Just like a roller ... Try to make a spinning means only hurting themselves. Slip on the axis perpendicular to the rolling direction is virtually impossible under normal conditions.

I say normal because it happened to skate under discreet shower. In this case the rule is exactly identical to the wheels from the track. In situations of wet or water stains in street become unmanageable and seriously dangerous

Unfortunately, not everything that glitters is gold there are drawbacks and the previous picture of a wheel are prepared to perfection .... Obviously the road is not as much as a clean track, the helium tend to get dirty very, therefore the bearings will suffer inevitably. Dopotutto anche se i cuscinetti non dovessero avere un rotolamento perfetto l'attrito sarà parzialmente bilnaciato proprio dal diametro delle rotelle, e poi serve anche a farsi un po' di fiato no Needless to say, economic or otherwise use old bearings is a good idea. After all, even if the bearings should not have a perfect rolling friction will be partially bilnaciato just the diameter of the wheels, and then also serves to be a bit 'out of breath no

2007-10-14 18:18:49 by ---------

I was a competitive skater; ^^ is accurate

My skates were about $400 about 30 years to 25 years ago.
As others have said, just learning to skate is pretty inexpensive. God help you if your child gets into it. Its ultra competitive in this country, and very expensive.
But fun! I wasn't a great single skater, despite the money spent on my training, but I got into 'synchronized skating' - its like synchronized swimming but on ice. You don't have to have triple jumps to win international medals, and its a team sport (figure skating is individual - you don't learn much about working with others like in team sports)

2004-09-23 13:12:04 by ghostofmajestic

The Patron Saint of Figure Skaters

Three things happened this morning, though not necessarily in the following order. One, my son was sent home from school for painting his face up like some fairy from Kiss. Two, my wife asked me for a divorce over cold scrambled eggs and a half-thawed waffle. Three, my daughter discovered a man, naked as Adam, dead and frozen to the floor of my ice rink.
My kid I can forgive for the reason that he's been excited for the longest time about going to this Kiss concert tonight. It's the first concert his mother and I have allowed him to go to. He's gotten into our good graces by mowing the lawn over the past month and keeping his room clean for two weeks

2004-06-03 09:47:33 by PatrickHSF

Ice Castles...

Loved that movie. Robbie had a tighty-whitey shot, when he's talking to Lexie on the phone. So sad when the fans threw the roses on the ice and since she can't see too well she skates into them and falls. Robbie goes onto the ice, picks her up, and carries her off. I wonder how many brides selected "Through the Eyes of Love" for their wedding ceremonies around that time? And the incomparable Colleen Dewhurst as the dykish, crusty skating coach who could have been an Olympic skating star and is trying to live her dream ala Mama Rose through Lexie. I can't see Colleen in a skimpy figure skating outfit, but maybe she was more petite in the day

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    Im 16 and i never learned how to skate and im trying to find a place where they teach beginner figure skating lessons in new york for ppl my age. please dnt say im too old cause i just want to do it for fun i live in brooklyn, ny and i can go to any place as long as its in manhattan or brooklyn THANKS!

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