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Mario Basanov.BUT WHO IS IT?

All you will find written on Mario Basanov for sure I did not write myself,for these things better to rely on those who know you and really turn the interview with the artist by the site Soundwall.it

Marijus Adomaitis aka Mario Basanov (LT - Needwant)

Lithuanian producer Mario Basanov is equipped with a special talent,a talent that goes beyond being able to create good music,a talent that is able to give "feeling" to each and every track.Probably I could not explain,but an example would help me.Do you remember "Lonely Days",one of his latest releases?We have already talked about Soundwall,if not you remember I recommend andarvela to be affected and maybe then I'll understand.That is the voice of Mario Basanov.Incredible,is not it?Here,this is just one of the aspects that make Mario Basanov an artist to watch,which over time will not be difficult.Artist which for now is to discover,and what better than a chat to get to know better?

Hello Mario,welcome to Soundwall!
You see that you have talent and your sound is gaining a lot of people,how did you make music?

Before you begin composing a new track I see visions and colors.It 'very difficult to explain this feeling that comes from within.I have an addiction to music and everything that comes with her is closely connected with my spirit.pattinare pattinaggio sul ghiaccio

Your are slow rhythms,Balearics and very deep,sounds that mingle perfectly with your voice. How did the idea to put your vocals on your tracks?

I played the bassoon (a woodwind instrument) since I was a child,which is why I have all the bases.The technique used to produce sounds with the wind instruments is similar to the technique used by singers.Using the same muscle groups,for example the diaphragm.During my teenage years I listened to the music from the "Motown": Stevie Wonder,Donny Hathaway,Marvin Gray,Michael Jackson and so forth.I was intrigued by the fact that record my voice on my own track.It was not the first time,there is always my voice in the chorus I use to produce.But it was the first time that I was doing it solo.

Speaking of "Lonely Days",you can talk about your latest EP and maybe reveal something about the mysterious collaboration with the Swedish project "Drop Out Orchestra"?

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Jackson Jackson Competitor Ice Skates - DJ2470 Womens White Figure Ice Skates
Sports (Jackson)
  • Boots - Softer topline with roller collar area - Fully padded microfiber lining with antibacterial properties
  • Asymmetrically shaped foam padding for better ankle fit and lasting comfort
  • Covered one piece contour tongue with memory foam padding
  • Blades - Ultima Aspire XP blade attached with screws
  • Sizing - Available in A (Extra Narrow), B (Narrow), C (Medium), or D (Wide) widths
2010-02-17 05:49:01 by Mandatorygayness

Men's Olympic figure skating: Mandatory gayness!

Johnny Weir skated a great program, is really a great athlete, but the judges may have thought his routine was too gay!
Coatesville's Johnny Weir in sixth place
VANCOUVER - Johnny Weir stood still and silent at center ice of the Pacific Coliseum last night, both unnatural states for the U.S. Olympian.
But soon his music animated the Coatesville native and he was off on the longest short program of his career.
His score of 82.10 points had him in sixth place, well behind the trio at the top - Russia's Evgeni "PLacenta" Plushenko (90

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Figure Skates - Jackson Ultima - Freestyle DJ2190 (5.5 width B)
Sports (Jackson Ultima)
  • Advanced skate
  • Good for learning jumps and techniques
  • Aspire blade
Jackson Jackson Freestyle Ice Skates - DJ2193 Boys Black Figure Ice Skates
Sports (Jackson)
  • Boots - Softer topline with rolled collar - Fully padded microfiber lining with antibacterial properties - Asymmetrical foam padding for lasting comfort and fit
  • Contoured backstrap for improved ankle fit - Flex notch for added flexibility - Covered foam leather tongue
  • Layered Cork Leather (LCL) light weight outsole - 17% lighter than traditional soles
  • Blades - Ultima Aspire XP blade attached with screws
  • Sizing - Available in M (Medium) or W (Wide) widths

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  • Avatar okaythen? What is the difference between these blades?
    Feb 15, 2012 by okaythen? | Posted in Ice Skating

    I have been figure skating for a long time now an I have had my skates for about 5 years, my dad finally agreed to get me new ones and my coach suggested Jackson Competitors. The only thing is some have Ultima Aspire blades and others have Ultima Mirage blades. Is there a difference? What is the difference? Which are better? Thanks! Do you think it would be worth paying an extra $50

    • Well I would choose Aspire because it s actually a more advanced blade. Even though the Mirage have a lot toe picks, it s very small, but Aspire has much bigger ones. I would highly recommend Aspire. PS: I m currently using Competitors with Aspire blade and the make me spin faster and jump higher. PPS: Mostly Competitors come in Aspire blade and Freestyle comes in Mirage blade.. Hope that helps!