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A couple of weeks ago I could not write in my blog, I apologize to my fans, but is that the accumulated work to me, and it's hard to upload all videos of competitions, upload resumes competitions , and other skating news all at the same time, but I'm ready again to continue writing on the blog, just ask patience that I'll upload the resumes of the grand prix comepticiones gradually. Now if we talk about this new controversy that Emerged in the World of Skating, remember a few weeks ago brought a note in dance Olympic champion in Salt Lake City 2002, the Russian Navy Anissina, gave his opinion about how boring the sport is to come, the lack of creativity of the teams dance leaders, Americans and Canadians, and the fact that people do not follow figure skating as it did before, because they have under the raitings television and the reason which the rinks of the competitions look almost empty. In the opinion given by Anissina have joined the double Olympic champion, Germany's Witt Katiran an ISU Judge, and the American skater Janet Lynn, world medalist and five-time U.S. champion ancional, complaints about the new system classification, comes at a difficult time on the skating going on, hearing levels have dropped so drastically, that the voices of nonconformists rise to call the ISU, to fix the problem, before skating is in a crisis even worse.

Katarina Witt "A Gone Where to Stop Thrill of Skating"
Ella todavía puede hacer la piel de gallina cuando entra en una habitación. Su medalla de oro ganada con la rutina de Carmen en los Juegos Olímpicos de Invierno en Calgary988 sigue siendo inolvidable, la imagen de sus ojos ardientes y resonancia de color rojo fuego de vestuario va más allá del mundo de patinaje. Ahora, dice con nostalgia, no es tan fácil para los patinadores artísticos, dejar huella en el mundo, para convertirse en memorables, y ella admite que eso le rompe el corazón al ver un elemento de este deporte desaparecer en un sistema de puntuación que fue creado para ser justo y para evitar los escándalos de jueces de los Juegos Olímpicos de 2002. Es como poner el patinaje artístico en una caja, movimiento por movimiento, dijo Witt, que funge como juez invitado en un programa de patinaje en Toronto. At age 45, two-time Olympic figure skating campeons Katarina Witt can still draw a crowd. She can still make goosebumps when he enters a room. Their gold medal won with Carmen routine at the Olympic Games Winter in Calgary988 remains unforgettable, the image of burning eyes and fiery red resonance costume goes beyond the skating world. now, he says wistfully, not so easy to figure skaters, leave a mark on the world , to become memorable, and she admits that it breaks her heart to see an element of this sport disappear in a scoring system that was created to be fair and to avoid the scandals of judges of the Olympic Games 2002.'s as Skating put in a box, move for move, said Witt, who serves as a guest judge on a skating program in Toronto. alemána dijo que se ha vuelto más difícil de resaltar la belleza de este deporte ya que los patinadores están tan ocupados cada segundo del programa tratando de ganar la amyoria de puntos posibles, ademas de ganar GOE(GRADOS DE EJECUCION). "Trataron con el nuevo sistema de puntuación para ser más justos y, sí, tal vez de una manera sea más justo, ya que es más responsable. Sin embargo, el patinaje artístico en general es un tipo de deporte y hay que aceptarlo. No se puede comparar con la natación, donde gana el más rápido. " Witt dijo que el patinaje artístico tiene elementos en los que los puntos no puede ser asignados. "Creo que una de las cosas más importantes en el patinaje son las emociones. Que te llega al corazón? Que te hace recordar un programa para el resto de tu vida? " LosComentarios de Witt hacen eco a los deSonia Bianchetti, una ex alto funcionario de la Unión Internacional de Patinaje, quien escribió una carta abierta hace una semana que el rendimiento de un cantante o un bailarín de ballet - o una patinadora artística - no se puede medir por cálculos mecánicos. Debe ser juzgado y, a juzgar es subjetiva. Witt dijo que el alboroto de los fans por las decisiones que los jueces tomaban en el pasado no eran en absoluto una cosa mala, sino que permite a los espectadores involucrarse emocionalmente en el evento. Ahora, dijo, en las complicadas reglas del nuevo sistema que escupe un resultado que no necesariamente proclama la perfección, los ratings de televisión están cayendo y las audiencias se reducen. Bianchetti, dijo al público ahora que están viendo los programas que todos se ven iguales, con los mismos elementos - a menudo mal ejecutados - y la música se ha convertido en ruido de fondo a los esfuerzos de los patinadores para ganar puntos. La última competición importante que Witt vio en detalle fueron los Juegos de Vancouver 2010, y ella vio a solo dos programas de bellos y memorables: los de Tessa Virtue y Scott Moir y el de Yu-Na Kim. Pero no todos coinciden en que el patinaje artístico está a punto de la fatalidad y pesimismo. A primera vista, al oír los comentarios de Witt, William Thompson, director ejecutivo de Skate Canadá y un ex juez en ambos sistemas, dijo: "Es muy cerca de ser una completa tontería." Thompson dijo que le tomó algún tiempo para que los atletas se acostumbren al nuevo sistema, pero ahora las nuevas generaciones han crecido con él y saben cómo usarlo. Reconoció que los patinadores individuales femeninos siguen luchando. Sin embargo, señaló a los patinadores, como Kim, el ex campeón mundial Daisuke Takahashi, elactual campeón del mundo Patrick Chan de Canadá, Virtue y Moir, y los campeones olímpicos de China Xue Shen y Hongbo Zhao, como los patinadores que entregan un montón de emoción y contenido artístico . Él no sabe por qué las mujeres no han avanzado tan rápido como las otras disciplinas. Quizás, sugirió, que todavía están construyendo las habilidades necesarias para hacer el trabajo y otros elementos que no se hizo hincapié en el pasado. The German Specialties said it has become more difficult to highlight the beauty of the sport and the skaters are so busy every second of the program amyoria trying to win the points possible, plus win GOE (DEGREES OF EXECUTION). "They tried to new scoring system to be more fair and, yes, perhaps in a more fair, since it is responsible for. However, the overall figure skating is a type of sport and you have to accept it. does not compare with swimming, where the fastest wins. "Witt said figure skating has elements in which the points can not be assigned." I think one of the most important things in skating are emotions. Which touches your heart? What makes you remember a program for the rest of your life? "Witt LosComentarios echo those deSonia Bianchetti, one former senior official of the International Skating Union, who wrote an open letter last week that the performance of a singer or a ballet dancer - or a figure skater - can not be measured by mechanical calculations. should be judged and judging is subjective. Witt said the uproar from fans by judges taking decisions in the past were not at all a bad thing, it allows viewers to get emotionally involved in the event. now, he said, in the complicated rules of the new system that spits out a result not necessarily proclaims perfection, television ratings are falling and audiences are reduced. Bianchetti said the public now that they are watching the programs that all look the same, with the same elements - often poorly executed - and music has become background noise to the efforts of the skaters to earn points.'s last competition Witt was important in detail were the 2010 Vancouver Games, and she saw just two beautiful and memorable programs: those of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir and Yu-Na Kim. But not all agree that figure skating is about the doom and gloom. At first sight, hearing comments Witt, William Thompson, Skate Canada CEO and a former judge in both systems, said: "It is very close to being complete nonsense." Thompson said it took some time for athletes to get used to the new system, but the new generations have grown up with it and know how to use it. acknowledged that female single skaters still struggling. noted, however, the skaters, like Kim, the Former world champion Daisuke Takahashi, elactual world champion Patrick Chan of Canada, Virtue and Moir, and China's Olympic champions Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo, as the skaters who give a lot of emotion and artistic content. He does not know why women have not advanced as quickly as the other disciplines. Perhaps, he suggested, that they are still building the skills necessary to do the job and other items that are not emphasized in the past. He said the irony of all this is that the programs of the skaters are doing now is the type that officials demanded under the old system: with feet complex and difficult turns and jumps.

2010-02-17 05:49:01 by Mandatorygayness

Men's Olympic figure skating: Mandatory gayness!

Johnny Weir skated a great program, is really a great athlete, but the judges may have thought his routine was too gay!
Coatesville's Johnny Weir in sixth place
VANCOUVER - Johnny Weir stood still and silent at center ice of the Pacific Coliseum last night, both unnatural states for the U.S. Olympian.
But soon his music animated the Coatesville native and he was off on the longest short program of his career.
His score of 82.10 points had him in sixth place, well behind the trio at the top - Russia's Evgeni "PLacenta" Plushenko (90

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