Jackson Canada Figure Skates

Skate Canada International figure skating event

Montrealer Louis Rubenstein became world champion in figure skating even before the creation of the modern Olympic Games.

A passion
Son of Polish Jewish immigrants to Montreal in 1850, the young Louis Rubenstein love figure skating. Inspired by the American and Canadian skaters Jackson Haines and Alfred George Meagher, Louis has been performing across the country and in the United States, and participates in various competitions.

At age 22, he became a champion of Canada. It is also crowned amateur champion of the United States in 1885 and 1889. Then, despite the anti-Semitic current that exists at the time in Russia, he leaves represent his country at the World Championships in St. Petersburg in 1890. Despite various threats and intimidation by the Russian authorities, he won the title of world champion.

Louis Rubenstein hanging up his skates in 1892 and devoted the rest of his life to standardize, develop and unify the sports associations of various disciplines. It is also involved in the community and among young Jews. It will be a Montreal city councilor for 17 years, until his death.

Guest second time:
Bianca Gendreau, a historian at the Canadian Museum of Civilization and curator of the exhibition Lace

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