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★ Fancy
beginner skate shoes skate shoes most suitable fancy. The most obvious feature is the serrated blade tip. This is designed to allow the action figure skating is more smooth take-off and landing smoothly.
Fancy skate blade is wider, the middle there look blade groove cutter body has curvature, bend high taxiing are less likely to come into contact with the leading edge of the cutter body, to avoid accidental falls.
Beginners can choose monocoque body of the shoe, a high degree of stability, but also to avoid sprains. Advanced students can use an exclusion softness manipulation degrees higher cortical professional ice skates, in order to show the most beautiful fancy figure.

racing racing skates skating is supposed to speed. Racing skates knife body length, narrow and straight blade knife arc is small, so that the contact surface of the ice friction is minimized.
General racing skate shoes and feet melt body shall order one, professional-level players will usually tailor-made foot mold filling shoes are exclusive, convenient racing manipulation.
This photo of racing skates next to the shoe with the knife still separated only toe connected, so let players focus shifted to avoid discomfort when twisted ankle (below left).
★ Ice Hockey racing skates shoes
Ice hockey shoes racing skates and racing skates skates combined with fancy features, not only fast, but also good control performance, but also crashworthiness wear, so hard toe, shoes, high waist, knife body is short, but No fancy skates serrated edge knife hardness is relatively high, skaters can glide on the ice and flexible competition.

Learning skate tetralogy (From Liberty Times reported) 1 falls skating posture not many people are afraid of wrestling painlessly, in the end how wrestling will not hurt? Beginners should learn is the first bow the knee posture: body straight, knees slightly bent, so that the center of gravity in front. This fall will go forward, covered with knee elbow and wrist, a little will not hurt, oh! (Butt the ground may killing it! So the center of gravity forward point is very important.)

2 falls to climb up and fell, what position it climb up? Friends to help each other, but in the skating rink falls do not let others pull you one, would like to throw a ball Oh! After a fall, the first lift one foot, mining semi-kneeling position, stand up knees pressing his hand, so that you can force a stop to stand up Hello.

2008-10-24 13:31:54 by ICEFIGURESSKATES

Ice Figure Skates

It's made in Canada by LANGE Company.
Color is snow white.
Size is US - 8 (UK - 5 and EU - 38.5).
Used only twice, and it's in extremely clean condition.
Blades are shiny and clean, and it comes with blades cover.
If interested, I can send you photos. Please send me an email to

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