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This gauge measures the length of the area that does not slip (ZNP) of the front of the longitudinal curvature of the blade.

The portion critically blades more decisive in execution, especially for free skaters, affecting the effectiveness of the takeoffs and landings of the jumps and the stability of the spins.

As a simple linear as shown in Figure 1.

Health gauge blade measuring this and indicates various levels of degeneration according sharp curvature tends to flatten this front, extending the ZNP.

It is designed to warn freestyle skaters advanced when the outline essential for optimal performance is being compromised.

It is easy for this reason that a skater competition fail in its objectives.

From this coaches should take note.

Needless to say, you must find a proper sharpener team knows this, which means, you should preferably almost essentially that deliver your skates to a person familiar with skating in all its dimensions that are qualified to examine the edge of critical importance for executions of the skaters, the squareness of the edges and the radius of the channel for each of the models in their different brands.

Method of use

1 Select the appropriate scale to the size of the blade and adjust the tooth under the notch serreta stipulated.

2 Align the scale of the gauge against the top edge of the blade (not the hole edge) and measure ZNP watching the red or green thus closer and perceiving life remaining for your blade or degree of impairment. lovely korektory Magic Pen i Magic Pen.
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2007-11-22 21:07:33 by prommom

Question on ice skate sizes and blade sharpening

Does anyone know how much it costs for blade sharpening on figure skates? Also, I have a pair of Jackson ladies skates, but there is no size stamped on them. I take a shoe size 7, and these skates fit me well - does anyone know what skate size that would be? I have read that skate sizes run about 2 sizes smaller than shoe sizes, depending on the brand. Thanks for any input!

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