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beginning-of-notaweb By Adam Ramirez Photos Pedro Zamacona The track is full of tattoos of all shapes and sizes. The wheels of the skates off the fetid smell of Punk in each skid while bump hips to the rhythm of Rockabilly. Pin-Up Makeup is just an accessory that accompanies fishnet stockings and tiny shorts. Do not panic: only Bloodyscabs Lizzy, No Mercy, Satan's Twin, Lucy Massacre and Death Vader.

Over 70 years have passed since Leo Seltzer sports journalist awarded this game will contact the name Roller Derby, after many attempts to commercialize it in 2001 is formed in Texas Bad Girl Good Woman with only 4 teams. For 2006 the Derby becomes internationally famous thanks to the Canadian League Terminal City Rollergirls, years later there are almost 500 amateur leagues around the world, from Germany and England to Australia.

In Mexico soon arrived, he did timidly in 2010 when it created two leagues in Mexico: City Roller Derby League with 3 women's teams (Catrinas, Zombie Brothel, TeKillerAss) and 2 men (minotaurs and wolves!), And the MXRD, same with 3 teams of women (Jokers in the pack, Bastardettes, Bruges Cat) and 1 boys team (Disorder). A few months ago Tenochtitlan arose Roller Derby League with 1 women's team (Carnivorous). Discreetly was spreading throughout the country like progress and new generations extreme disciplines. One year ago in The Arena St. Lucia in Monterrey, was held on 1st. Roller Derby National Tournament men's and women involving leagues Queretaro, Guadalajara and Mexico City two. The rest of the country does not want to be left behind: cities like Tijuana, Juarez, Leon, Puebla, Merida, Veracruz and Mexicali already have their own leagues in this casual game.

Lizzy's case Bloodyscabs (founder of the league MXRD) is the archetype of many other women who love skating. One day he met the Derby, investigated and found nothing. It suddenly became easy to make a team with his sister Lucy and her friends Massacre, but never imagined what awaited him: "We began training at Ciudad Deportiva, then under a road bridge because the rains. We lacked the basics, we suffered because there was a shitload bathrooms and had to go to the gas station was two streets, that until we found the Deportivo Morelos and we could rent ".

Peralvillo (very near Tepito) witnesses the furious riding the MXRD skaters, they collide at high speed, falling on the cold concrete to get up again and again. His figures deceptively delicate learn to use the weight and the speed with intelligence, princesses when shooting, but always amazon to compete colleagues on wheels, see them skating alone is a delight.

Incredibly, the Roller Derby is growing tremendously worldwide. There are leagues in countries like Egypt, Israel, Japan and Peru. Not for nothing (with thirteen countries represented and more than 500 thousand workers daily) Toronto late 2011 hosted the first World Cup of the specialty. Now the discussion is whether the Roller Derby may be part of the 2020 Olympic Games. The reason for this success is that Roller Derby is not just a sport, but combines street culture, art, music and also promotes coexistence. No matter where you are or how you dress, here all accept you. Historically the sport has witnessed a series of contrasting modes of subsistence, from the 80s show to its modern form the Grrrl power, immortalizing the phrase that the band Bikini Kill.

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2007-10-30 12:18:15 by VeganWoman

I don't know where to get non-leather ones but

Let me tell you something about the fit of figure skates. The are supposed to fit like a second glove. Professional and non-professional serious skaters skate without socks -- and the boots fit like a second skin.
If your boots allow you to "layer on socks" they do not fit you properly. If they are very soft that is also an indication that they are not good quality -- they are supposed to be quite stiff and thick -- padded, but thick and stiff, to support your ankles.
I was a very avid skater in my 20s and early 30s -- about 20 hours a week with 2 couches. Back then I used to use leather, wasn't vegan, still have my custom made skates --- all leather though

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