Buy Figure Skates in Buffalo NY

19th Annual Skate with the Greats Event - 02/01/2013 - New York

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mulberry bags outlet The Skate Toronto Figure Skating program offers skaters thathave completed the learn to skate program the opportunity learn figure skating elements at an introductory level. Our Introduction to Figure Skating program is done in small group lessons and has three categories where skaters thathave completed the learn to skate program can learn spins, jumps, stroking, dance and artistic skating elements.

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  • Avatar katTfairy How do i start pair figure skating?
    Jan 09, 2010 by katTfairy | Posted in Ice Skating

    I ve been a figure skater for a long while now and i m in love with the sport. i m in freestyle 4. and i really want to try something new, I ve been considering pair figure skating but i don t know how to get started, and what we would have to do during competition. please help :)

    • As a coach, if there arnt many boys at your rink then it will be hard to do pairs & the boy would have to be alot taller than you, to do lifts & throw jumps pairs is really hard & scary but i think it would be really fun to do! i would love to do that or ice dancing