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A pair of inline skates speed.

In-line skating is a type of roller skate used for inline skating. Unlike the quad , the traditional skate, with four wheels arranged in two rows of two-wheeled non-aligned, in-line skating has rollerblading like the blade of an ice skate. Some inline skates, mainly those for beginners, have a heel brake slows. They are divided into different categories according to use: speed, fitness, hockey or street.

Early models had already skating wheels online, but they were quickly replaced by the quads , the configuration allows easier turns. It is with the advent of wheels polyurethane , appeared in 1979 , the popularity of inline skating known uninterrupted growth to date, to exceed the quad and become a mass sport. The brand Rollerblade founded by Scott and Brennan Olson in Minneapolis in 1983 became the symbol of in-line skating, to the point of becoming the antonomasis .

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Bantam White Satin
Book (Bantam)
2002-02-24 15:39:15 by LIBBABYSITTER


America won the Cold War, pocketed Poland and Hungary and the Czech Republic as door prizes, then proceeded to pulverize Serbia and Afghanistan and, en passant, highlight Europe's irrelevance with a display of vast military superiority. We dominate every field of human endeavor from fashion to film to finance. We rule the world culturally, economically, diplomatically and militarily as no one has since the Roman Empire. So tell me this: Do we really need the men's short-track speed-skating gold medal?
Can we not live without winning the two-man bobsled? Did we really have to beat the Chinese women's hockey team 12-1?
Call me a lefty, but I cringed watching NBC's rah-rah coverage of the Olympics

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