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The man with the suitcase at the Olympics - The fate and sport

The fate knows fun playing with people's lives: cutting thread, knot it another, creates obstacles resulting often bloody. We must be able to respond with the facts when three "shamefully poetic" parche sforbiciano the lives around you playing with your feelings and turning you into an entirely prospects with whom you are targeting in the world.
Joannie, 24, this is your second Olympics: you race at home, you want to impress your audience: you know you probably will not be able to reach the level of Mao Asada and Kim Yu-Na, but you're fully in the fight for the bronze medal . Do you want live games to the best of your ability and achieve your Olympic dream you need all, especially your family. You need their support in difficult moments during the long months of preparation for this event, when trying to enter in your program, the triple Axel fall repeatedly and start you down. But you get up always, thanks to those around you and supporting you always.
You're the champion Canadian figure skating in the Olympic village six concentrated, now there are 4 days at your debut.
But those old hags are always there to have fun tearing lives, changing perspectives, horizons. Saturday your mother, your support, just arrived from Quebec to follow you closely had taken ill and was admitted to hospital in Vancouver. The expression of your father when he comes at you Sundays do not bode well: you know that face, you know what happened in your heart, but we do not want to believe. They can not be so mocking those three puppeteers, not three days before your Olympics. Your father hugs you, in silence and then you announce that the heart of your mother has done, his soul suddenly took flight dreaming of skating with you.
You will not believe your ears, three days before the Olympics is not possible. All your assumptions are not, everything that you fought so far was dissolved in last short of breath and sigh.
Collapses psychologically, you're destroyed, I do not want to know more, want to go home and cry. Arrivals in the room and see those two shoes hanging on the wall and inevitably remember your youth, when your mom took you to skate in Ile Dupas, a village of 600 souls lost in Quebec. And think back to your dream, it was his thrill-seekers, as well, on the ice. You look in the mirror, you know what she wanted, you know what he whispered while its light faded. And announce the news to the world: you will compete against! For yourself, for your mother, so that is proud of you.

And when stepping on the ice at the Pacific Coliseum're an angel, graceful, beautiful, enchanting. An angel on skates with an eye to the sky and the other to the ground to avoid damaging a magnificent performance. Terms your program in the middle of the standing ovation of your audience: Canadian or not, are all on your side, and it could not be otherwise. Ends the magic of your program, you liberate yourself to respect the protocol of avoiding burst into tears on the ice, but you're on top of endurance, exit the runway, hugging your father and outbursts everything you have in your dedicating this dazzling short program at your mother.

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K2 Sports K2 Exo Ice Skate - Men's Size 12
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Why hockey sucks

1. It’s played on ice. You cannot have a real sport that involves artificially frozen water. I’m sorry, this immediately disqualifies it as a sport. Ice was not meant for sport. It would maybe be a sport if you had to play it out on frozen lakes. Now that would be something if there was an actual risk of the teams falling through the ice.
2. You have to wear ice skates to play it. I don’t care how much you try to butch up the skates the fact is it’s essentially the same piece of sporting equipment used by Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen and Peggy Fleming. It’s a small blade and with a few minor adjustments you have the same devices as figure skaters

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