Figure Skate hollow Sharpening


July 15, 2005 on 10:55 am | In | Want to know more about sharpening your blades? You read English? This FAQ is for you:
" Skate Sharpening Information for freestyle and dance skaters. "

FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions in English, French, Frequently Asked Questions, is a set of common questions and answers on a particular subject. Here it is sharpening blades skating and dance.

The article begins with a reminder of the blades: how it works, what is a hollow, a bend, a point. Then, it discusses the sharpening itself: how sharpening happens, how often, the sensations it provides. Overall the article is full of tricks and tips on sharpening in general.

Happy reading.

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Израиль последние и свежие новости сегодня новости израиля сегодня последние на русском.
Breakway Products Breakaway Products Skatemate Ice Skate Sharpener
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  • SkateMate® can sharpen stainless steel or super-steel blades, and super-hard speed skate blades
  • Easily adjustable to fit all skate blade widths and ROH (Radius Of Hollow)
  • The flexible abrasive cylinder has a high-tech ceramic abrasive. The abrasive grains of this material are ceramically bonded to the backing to prevent wear grooves...
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2010-02-17 05:49:01 by Mandatorygayness

Men's Olympic figure skating: Mandatory gayness!

Johnny Weir skated a great program, is really a great athlete, but the judges may have thought his routine was too gay!
Coatesville's Johnny Weir in sixth place
VANCOUVER - Johnny Weir stood still and silent at center ice of the Pacific Coliseum last night, both unnatural states for the U.S. Olympian.
But soon his music animated the Coatesville native and he was off on the longest short program of his career.
His score of 82.10 points had him in sixth place, well behind the trio at the top - Russia's Evgeni "PLacenta" Plushenko (90

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Proguard Proguard Hand Hone
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  • Hand hone remove burrs and nicks from blades
  • Remove nicks from hockey skate blades
  • Remove nicks from figure skate blades

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