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Tuesday, November 6, 2007 14:32

The insole: useful information and preparation In order for a ski is well controllable and stable it is necessary that the slab is perfectly flat. Placing a steel bar corrected, check if the base of the ski is perfectly flat in backlight and not present then concavity or convexity; control in the same way that the blades are not the highest of the slab. Unfortunately, the new ski factory sometimes have these imperfections, to the detriment of the estate and the control of the skis, due to 'assembly of interior materials (this is even more evident on the snowboard). If the slab is not level, my advice is, because of the complexity and delicacy which implies that transaction, contact a lab that knows how to run a good adjustment by removing less polyethylene (slab) and steel (lamina) as possible. You can manually perform the correction of the slab, using, with smooth movement and light, the ground bar steel, checking the result gradually. This, however, requires a lot of experience and it is not easy to perform, so it would be a good idea to rely on a trusted person.

To make the ski more maneuverable is necessary to remove a certain amount of steel of the lamina on the basis of the ski. (See figure). Quest 'operation, like all interventions to the edges, must be done with extreme caution, since the material is changed permanently. "Lowering" foil 1 is fine for most skiers. (Different speech for competition). The tuning can be done in several ways: In the laboratory can be achieved by means of tape machines or better yet a stone. Manually we can use a separate file for skiing, creating a shim between the file and the slab in order to create the desired angle. To get the 1st of tuning, you can wrap the file with 5 layers of scotch cartato or by using the appropriate file guide on the market. Remember that the control of the work is important to understand the changes.

If the base has holes mild in nature, which is quite rare skiing on Mount Etna, then you can try to plug the holes with the plugs of polyethylene, although it should be noted, doing so is difficult to get lasting results. Proceed as follows: the spark sharp like a pencil and holds it slightly 'tilted let it drain to the hole, which you have taken steps to clean thoroughly. Once cooled spatulate, with a finger rectified steel or plexiglas well sharpened, the excess part without damaging the surrounding slab. If the slab is badly damaged you will require an adequate machinery capable of repairing it perfect and lasting your insoles.

In this lesson, I explained in general terms, the preparation of the base of the ski. The topic deserves a more in-depth, but I found it necessary to make you understand what they consist mainly in grinding operations and tuning to understand when they are to be performed on their skis by people with some experience. Always remembering that the experience you get in time and above all always checking the work done to correct and improve. Once you understand these operations will also understand when a laboratory is qualified or not. In the preparation of the skis is easier to make mistakes, that perform a proper job!

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Question on ice skate sizes and blade sharpening

Does anyone know how much it costs for blade sharpening on figure skates? Also, I have a pair of Jackson ladies skates, but there is no size stamped on them. I take a shoe size 7, and these skates fit me well - does anyone know what skate size that would be? I have read that skate sizes run about 2 sizes smaller than shoe sizes, depending on the brand. Thanks for any input!

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