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One year after an exchange infused hip-hop with electronic music maestros Justice, our way recrosses the Ed Banger. This time we found Pedro Winter, founder and owner of a somewhat mystical label and official supplier of fantasies. We are in the eighteenth arrondissement of Paris, in an unpretentious local label about to celebrate its tenth birthday. A trainee, vinyl choices and some posters are stylish decor. Asked quietly behind his small laptop, Pedro seems overwhelmed with ideas and desires. And especially enthusiastic about talking about a genre that always follows.

ABCDR Of Sound: start very simply. When did you discover the rap?

Pedro Winter: That was in 1989. My father lived in Canada with my brother and then I went there often. During a trip to Quebec, I bought my first cassette Run-DMC I was fourteen, the age when you start to take your first choice. I brought the tape with a poster of Run-DMC I put it in my room ... Well, I say my room, I was on board and was 120 in the dormitory. Run-DMC is my front door in the report. I remember the song with Aerosmith, I saw on the show Head Banger Ball. This is the title that led me to rap. This is my foundation, which made me understand why I was so like rap and heavy metal.

A: This is a hearing before any shock?

P: Yes, it is entirely related to music, rather than words. I do not mastered any English at the time. I did not feel either in a form of rebellion, I had not even realized that rap was in the demonstration and claim. This is the sound of the 808 that struck me. I'm telling you today, I had time to analyze since. At the time, you do not understand everything you think you are the piece in his mouth. But it is the production of Rick Rubin, who I liked, this repetitive and digital sound. I loved this sound, this robotic hand, with occasionally the guitar riffs. That's how I got into rap and more widely in instrumental music.
I remember I bought shortly after, a t-shirt in Mode 2 Ticaret. It was a t-shirt "Should not play with me, " with the characters of Mode 2. I also have pictures of me at twelve, when I breake HIPHOP with a white glove like Michael Jackson. But this time I did not assimilais culture, it was the childlike mimicry. In any case, I do revendiquais belonging to rap. Besides, my clan was skateboarding. Run-DMC are memories but besides that, I had a tape of Pink Floyd The Wall. Aesthetics rap came to me much later. Being Paris, sure I saw Boxer and Bando throughout the gas columns of buildings [Editor's note: Boxer and Bando are two figures of graffiti in Paris in the 80s and early 90s]. You wonder, "but who are these guys?" I had lots of friends taggers, but I've never been in this delirium. I was in the skate. The famous wasteland of the Chapel, I was too small. Growing up, you do the link with everything you saw, without necessarily understanding.

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Jackson Ultima Figure Skates - Jackson Ultima - Freestyle - DJ2170 (4 width C)
Sports (Jackson Ultima)
  • Advanced skate
  • Good for learning jumps and techniques
  • Mirage blade
2008-11-17 18:27:34 by gaikokujin


I was 9.
I was female then (as I am now).
I'm a little hazy on the details, but it was pretty nice, as I remember... OK, I remember ice skating on the C & O canal. It was cold, and the ice was pretty uneven, but still a lot of fun. (Not quite sure how much detail you're wanting here... I had white figure skates...)

2005-01-18 21:09:08 by gargamel

Believe me, you know it

You just don't know you know it. They used to play it at the ice skating rink near my neighborhood growing up. I can still see the token gay male figure skater in white skates prancing around the ice with one hand folded behind his back, and the thuggish soon-to-be frat guys skating backwards in hockey skates trying to knock over any skinny 10 year old without a parental escort.

2006-06-22 09:04:24 by koolfred

Yeah thats nice...

Take off the skates and admit........
That whites have never been denied a place to live because of the color of their skin.
show me the link, like you guys like to say...
show me the stats.....
I got some stats for your azz that deals with blacks being denied a place to live because of the color of their skin
I never said ONLY white discriminate against blacks.
My point is just to prove that white privilege is alive and well!!
As far as your last sentence...its a white supremist system so anyone being a part of it or wants a piece of the pie goes along to get along

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Figure Skates- Jackson Ultima- Softec Sport ST2207 Youth (8)
Sports (Jackson Ultima)

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