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Welcome to the web store Bo-art

We are the ancient art and most professional sports clothing company custom, from twelve years ago to provide customized services for customers all over the world.We are the biggest company to produce and sell in China . Bienvenue amis de partout dans le monde! Customize our projects from a single garment of figure skating, gymnastics expand the dress, Latin dance costumes, stage performances of ballet leotards and other catégories.chaque garment is our unique design, exquisite craft, the combination ideal of personal service with every sport people like Art We'll find your dream ........ Welcome friends from all over the world!

Wholesale and league

et les gestionnaires à se joindre - Bo-art! Welcome engaged in the development of figure skating, gymnastics bring people to our common progress, invite domestic and foreign owners skating, rhythmic gymnastics club operators, skating (gym) drillmaster and managers to join - Bo -art!

Adapt services

We can provide the customization service and work one on one with my clients. We await your full disclosure, we talk fun with you. So you can choose your fabric and color for dress. We are always happy to work with your ideas and give you the best advice based on your request exacte.La communication is the first step in our successful cooperation and we hope to complete happily.

Make and Size Chart

1.all the dress is sewn main.Il always takes 5-8 working days to do when you finish the payment;

2.If Please complete the payment within 3 days after the auction ends and please tell me your size or exact measurement in the "NOTE".

, Alors nous pouvons faire la robe juste selon la forme de votre corps 3.If there is no normal size suit for you, you can tell me your measurements of your chest, waist, hips and torso, then we can make the dress just according to your body shape

4.If you are dissatisfied with our service or products for any reason, please contact me before you conclude a comment on us and we will handle it as well as possible! Thank you for your trust and support!

Size Chart

Adult (inch) Size S M The XL torso 55-59 58-62 61-65 65-69 chest 31-34 33-36 35-39 37-41 size 25-28 26-29 28-31 30-33 hip 34-37 36-39 39-41 40-43 Child (inch) Size 6 8 10 12 14 16 torso 38-42 41-45 44-48 47-51 50-54 52-56 chest 21-24 22-25 23-26 25-28 27-30 29-32 size 17-20 18-21 19-22 21-24 22-25 24-27 hip 23-26 24-27 26-29 28-31 30-33 32-35


* 1.Buste / Chest: Take a deep breath and hold arms at the height of épaules.mesurer around the fullest part of the breast
* 2.File: Made waistline.standing normal right, make sure the tape fits comfortably around your waist.

* 3. HIPS: Taken around the fullest part of the buttocks.
* 4. TORSO: Start at the center of the shoulder and measure on the front fork, and return to the starting point.


We can offer EMS and air parcel, when we deliver the package, we will send you the tracking number soon, and you can track the package information anytime! !il permettra d'économiser environ 10 frais de port usd au moins! If you want to buy multiple dress, we can combine shipping! It will save about 10 usd shipping at least!

2004-09-14 11:11:18 by just-my-opinion

They're impractical and uncool

The only white footwear you'll ever catch me wearing is a pair of figure skates. other than that, forget it.
white shoes/boots get scuff marks on them easier, and dirt shows up on them more readily than those which are darker colored.
they make your feet look like you've stuck them in empty kleenex boxes.
they tend to make feet look bigger, and they just look you're either a healthcare worker, or an old lady in orthopedic shoes. they just make your feet look clunky, no matter what the style.
on little girls, white patent leather mary janes are ok, as are little sandals

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