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Play Station PS Home glitsh at Sodium Centre (Sodium hub) climbed chairs skills

In Sodium center roof top,you can get additional rewards.

1.Mounted on a chair before the first key press PS rocker R1,the following picture menu
And necessary to select the actions to stop the [] 's [] coin toss action.

2.Select OK,press the X button to close the menu rocker,standing in front of the chair to climb.
Press the joystick O bond,open to sit down in the chair itself [] the function menu.

3.More than ready to start the climb up the chairs for the move:
a.Press the joystick O key to activate the function of the seat [sit].
b.Followed by very fast,almost the same time to press the joystick R1 button (on the menu),and quickly press the joystick down more than two consecutive O bond,
[Sit] at the same time to do [action] coin toss.
c.Then will do first coin toss [action],(do the action under the seat)
And other actions done by the toss of a coin with both hands closed into a hands open,and in the hands open to [sit] becomes positive action to do before,
Just about to sit down [before],L3 shake the joystick up or down to do [stand] action,
As long as the point in time grasping right,you can climb the chairs.

4.Mounted on a chair,by the far right edge of the chair,walked behind the hammock. Figure:

5.Then the face of pipes,such as the location of the picture in the water,with the joystick left and right to move left and right to [] to climb pipes,
Climb the pipes before you can use accelerated carry props: eg skates,skateboards,to help climb pipes,
Of course,also the middle position in the water pipes can climb.

6.If you want to get Sodium Centre (Sodium Hub) is an added bonus,
Then went below the water's edge with metal frame seat,
Then there is also about the way around [forward] climbed formwork.

7.After climbing formwork,the election left of the first two lines,with [Running] walk over to the opposite side,as shown below:

8.Then the circular formwork,went as location,walking as online,
Until the end,you can get additional rewards.
I wish you well!

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2008-10-24 13:31:54 by ICEFIGURESSKATES

Ice Figure Skates

It's made in Canada by LANGE Company.
Color is snow white.
Size is US - 8 (UK - 5 and EU - 38.5).
Used only twice, and it's in extremely clean condition.
Blades are shiny and clean, and it comes with blades cover.
If interested, I can send you photos. Please send me an email to

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