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The lutz is one of the jumps of figure skating figure.

Close relative of the Flip with which it differs in the line of departure, Flip internal and external environment in Lutz. Is performed starting from a clear outer wire back, the free leg extends behind to point, at the same moment arms and head start position, this movement imparts a rotational force to the body such that, as soon as even and shoulders become parallel to the track and the body overlooking happens outside the detachment from the ice landing, after the flight phase, the outer wire back opposite to that of departure.

It takes its name from Alois Lutz (1898-1918), an Austrian skater who performed for the first time in 1913 .

The Canadian Donald Jackson was the first skater to perform a triple lutz in an official competition at the world figure skating championships of 1962 , the first woman to run it was instead the Swiss Denise Biellmann European championships in 1978 .

The U.S. skater Brandon Mroz was able to complete a quadruple lutz at the NHK Trophy short program 2011.

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2010-02-17 05:49:01 by Mandatorygayness

Men's Olympic figure skating: Mandatory gayness!

Johnny Weir skated a great program, is really a great athlete, but the judges may have thought his routine was too gay!
Coatesville's Johnny Weir in sixth place
VANCOUVER - Johnny Weir stood still and silent at center ice of the Pacific Coliseum last night, both unnatural states for the U.S. Olympian.
But soon his music animated the Coatesville native and he was off on the longest short program of his career.
His score of 82.10 points had him in sixth place, well behind the trio at the top - Russia's Evgeni "PLacenta" Plushenko (90

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