Figure Skate sharpening Vancouver

Since it, folks .... Porky saying .... With the exhibition gala has thrown the curtain of the European Championship that has left me dissappointed, despite the absences ....

I wonder what would have happened if France and Russia had competed in dance ....

How would Sarah Meier troubled women's final ......

Not bad and mainly serves as a touchstone for global, two months away. And if a world in itself is important, imagine this, with the running of the places for the Olympic Games in Vancouver, within a year.

In two months Mukhortova has to learn to control the nerves to not fail in the end;

Carolina Kostner must learn YA, who is five years above high competition, you can not afford to fail in one of two programs, it is to far ahead ...

Joubert must have caught him point to his boots and recover from all of your back problem;

Jenna McCorkell can not let an opportunity like that has taken here to be in top 5;

Sonia Lafuente be believed which is as good as it is;

Lepisto should think that in Los Angeles things will be very different from what they have been here, there are waiting for the Americans who play at home ....

Finally, we will take into account details within two months.

And from my computer I want to bring all those who have not ever been to an event of this type, details that are found throughout this type of test, although a little cheaper because here the VAT is 22% and all costs a kidney.

For example, screen-printed poster competition, € 5.

Some will ask what a commentator position, it has a performance monitor, monitor image, and then all sorts of things that takes to happen, at least 8/10 hours each day of competition, fruit, binoculars, water, chocolates, cookies, water .....

And this is the press room of Eastern Europe, is only part of what was actually but the view over the train tracks snowfall, were unique ....
Here we spent hours and hours .....

Through the corridors of the pavilion are all kinds of things related to skating, jerseys, heaters or machines for sharpening skates ......

So many hours a day in the pavilion area make the commentators become our home, here you have a photo I made ​​to Andrea Fusco, RAI, Faiella and Scali interviewing .....

And the last, as this country is so chill, look how they cover some bulbs in the street, plastic, snow and icicles ...... does not surprise me that they have to protect all .....

I get all your messages when poneis in the comments, this is an interesting feedback, an interactive way of experiencing the world of skating, with exchange of views and growing sport.

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2010-02-17 05:49:01 by Mandatorygayness

Men's Olympic figure skating: Mandatory gayness!

Johnny Weir skated a great program, is really a great athlete, but the judges may have thought his routine was too gay!
Coatesville's Johnny Weir in sixth place
VANCOUVER - Johnny Weir stood still and silent at center ice of the Pacific Coliseum last night, both unnatural states for the U.S. Olympian.
But soon his music animated the Coatesville native and he was off on the longest short program of his career.
His score of 82.10 points had him in sixth place, well behind the trio at the top - Russia's Evgeni "PLacenta" Plushenko (90

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