Silver Figure Skating Dress

Javier Fernandez took the applause of the fans with exercise exhibition

Javier Fernandez appeared with a stereo willing to take an aerobics class. The madriñeo began recording the voice that was heard throughout the exercise. Photo EFE

Dressed in tracksuit began his lecture with the expectation of the fans

Javier Fernandez surprised with the creativity of its exercise. He incorporated his technique, with its quadruple, elegance and quality, combining traditional music every move 80. Photo EFE

Muscles that have given to the Olympic Winter Games 2014

Muscles that have given to the Winter Olympics 2014 during his tenure kissing display are the same as the square have given for the Winter Olympics. Photo EFE

Javier Fernandez kissed muscles, enjoyed his body until ...

Javier Fernandez kissed muscles, enjoyed his body until ... He began to disturb the layer, then he decided to get rid of it. Photo EFE

Slowly undressing was bothering him to teach the class

The Spanish surprised again with its originality. He took off his tracksuit with which this exercise exhibition began to keep a red coat, pants, football stockings and a shirt with the "S" superhero. Photo EFE

Javier Fernandez of Superman! The most fun and spectacular photos World Championship Figure Skating

Javier Fernandez awoke from his sleep by former world champion Browning

Javier Fernandez not stop surprising during exercise. When there seemed to finish out former world champion Browning to take a glass of cold water and wake the dream that had become superhero. Photo EFE

Javier Fernández is the first Spanish to succeed in skating

Javier Fernandez is making history. The Spanish skating is fashionable with this 21 year old Spaniard won the gold at the Europeans. In this exercise makes perfect Charles Chaplin. Photo EFE

The Charles Chaplin elegant and risky

Javier Fernandez chose a Charles Chaplin brave in this exercise. One of the strengths of the skater is its expression. Photo EFE

Javier Fernandez took bronze in these World Championships

Javier Fernandez is Madrid, but is trained in Canada. Skating fans gathered in London, Canadian city, they went to the Spanish, I have grown very fond. Photo EFE

Javier Fernandez and expressiveness with the choreography of the Fox

Javier Fernández did a magnificent exercise in the short program, during the World Championships in the Budweiser Gardens in the Canadian city of London. Photo EFE

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