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China's 30 female stars [graphic

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China's 30 female stars [graphic] [30P]

Gao Yuanyuan - harmonious beauty Gao Yuanyuan is a circle of rare Libra star.Libra Girl pursuit of harmony is particularly evident in her personality.From 1998 to join the film "Spicy Love Soup" to 2001's "17-year-old bicycle" and then in 2005 the "Green Red", Gao Yuanyuan drama filmed a handful, but this did not affect her in the domestic film and television heat.Her self-imposed time can not be more than a year of filming for six months, in order to accompany a sick mother, can safely do at home "home girl", although there is a music producer Faye doing her boyfriend, but insisted no record ...... in love, life, career, family, between high-round choice freely.Fan Bingbing - Temptation beauty Fan Bingbing is only suitable for a small number of costume drama also has a contemporary actor, because her facial features and body in general since ancient times, the Chinese men's ultimate aesthetic feelings coincide --- oval face, almond eyes, cherry lips and 1 m 68, are convex tall stature, so the standard "beautiful capital" can be described as ancient and modern suitable for all ages, one size fits all, plus she is quite exposed "seductive" tendencies, and how to prevent a man restless, so Health dark woman jealous?Wallace also brings extreme plasticity, as long as Lueshi acting (acting on the body in such is not so important), lively, Resentment, coquettish and even the image of British Gas, etc. can be extended on the basis of hair growth, "intensified" to let men can not resist.Jiang Qin Qin - the plight of the United States say that women are the most beautiful tears.If a Ruhuasiyu weak woman crying on the screen every day, Ewha rain, then it is impossible not heart stone people.Jiang Qin Qin, though not the most beautiful Chinese actress, but it is definitely the most tears "crying scene queen" housewife touts take-all, is not surprising.Zhang Jingchu - Freedom America "Peacock" into the side of China Zhang Jingchu visual signs, countless newspapers and magazine photos of Zhang Jingchu as the current signs.Many photos are reminiscent of Zhang Jingchu name --- such as the beginning of heaven and earth as quiet.Slender body, bright face, so Zhang Jingchu has shocking pure beauty, but she and the other to pure actress known for different --- in the clear water, numerous free bird flying.Zhang Jingchu will not be the "Meteor Garden", he also a fleeting star, she will be tenacious vitality, and brought sensitive, dedicated, curious, reserved, leaving the audience longing and ridiculed obsession.Meanwhile, she will conquer their talents and SIROCCO more roles, so that the beauty of her freedom filling broader sky.Liu Yifei - limpid beauty she is the grace of God scattered in the mortal world, the honor of being holy light eyes and let her clear as Yao Chi pools, clear as supernatant Han Xing; Hadith also used to decorate her mind, let her stick both the rules and prohibitions, but also full of Hui Xin Lan quality.She will sooner or later scintillating, so her 15-year-old appeared in "Noble Family" with a 25-year-old man played opposite, nobody will be surprised.She can become the world's "Maid, " but who can become her "over children, " often thought she should belong to the distant 19th century, the era is a traitor, fantasy romance and freedom, who awaits love her hero or prince, on a carriage ride, and then fled in a dark midnight ......Shirley - the beauty of a balanced long hair blowing in the wind, bold fiery, blazing fire.You can imagine, that little girl from the black land run in the fields and countryside, fantasy and vivid her distant future scenarios.Her beauty of classical and modern perfect fit, her sexy body and sweet smile can dim lit the night sky.She is not a vase, before becoming a model she already has a master's degree, just because she does not love if one day hope to T station, you can have a "proper" job.Apart from the beauty outside, enabling her to become China's chief supermodel is that words can not express her unique temperament, which is a balance between the noble and extraordinary temperament?Zhang Ziyi - motivated the United States in the Beijing dialect accent mouthful girl "along a straight trajectory" from the alley onto the horizon, the program has been too much talk.People talk about her intelligence, her intuition, her ambition, and the "Jasmine" and "2046" so that people have started talking about her acting, but I do not know why, no one seems to talk about her beauty.Perhaps, the beautiful actress is a necessary condition, but Zhang's beautiful but have different meanings.In Western eyes, this is not called Kate not called Rose, there is a very Chinese name "Ziyi" The girl is representative of the East, not only become a "blockbuster Hollywood East", "Memoirs of a Geisha" deserved actress and boarded the "Vanity Fair" magazine's ten beauties.Yes, She has a typical oriental woman looks: black straight hair, broad forehead, fresh face, flexible almond eyes, however, and Lucy Liu are different, she looks also be Chinese people love.Her handsome, SIROCCO, sometimes I still see the pity to innocent innocent, sometimes scorching fire to customs million.So we see photos of Zhang Ziyi sometimes incarnation of red hot peppers, sometimes like a cold white swan.Zhang Ziyi's face although undulating, yet by no means flat and look at her lips, mouth always maintained the girl's supple, while people make all sorts of dreams vivid expression.Huang - Lucky America "Kung Fu" to a national audience know Huang.As a "lollipop girl, " she does not belong to the streets to maintain the beauty and pure, and she does not speak, it also highlights the nature of an ideal image of the dream.Basically, we can put her in the "Kung Fu" role under "Therapy."But next to the screen, this incarnation is not a romantic sign language so simple.As can be seen from the interviews, she not only beautiful, good luck, and shenanigans, or that she is more "real", one can say "the boss has spoken, " Kung Fu Ⅱ "to use the same people, even though I do not think Stephen Chow Nor ah! "this sentence, which may be on the list in a variety of rapid upper - Of course, it may soon be forgotten.Ling - Consumption of America whether you admit it or not, the 2004 Taiwan's entertainment, belongs to Lin Chi-ling.She could not imagine our coverage in television, newspapers, magazines and all we want and unexpected places.Only one reason: beautiful.30 years old, she has the appearance Aromatic, 42-inch legs and 34C of the Breast.When the public need for such a stunner to embellishment, ling turned out.Look at her chair, whine to numb manner of speaking, occasional cold field and make mistakes, that's nothing, anyway, what a man will not go into the depth of insight and unique perspectives.Legs and Breast one, also presided over a generation seductive vase faction head.Vase is really nothing bad, a lot of girls dream is when the vase, to provide a consumer beauty.Karena Lam - next door beauty Karena lovely smile so many boys like, as simple as it seems the girl next door.But people have had some surprise is that she is not like the girl next door then glance.In her seemingly well-behaved, there is no claim smile hidden under is a quite independent modern little girls, it was just the right balance Karena Lam won both boys and girls alike.Zhou Xun - Faerie America perhaps Zhou Xun looks and body are not enough on the traditional sense of "beauty", sexy and glamorous.But she has a unique temperament and personality --- spirituality and outspoken composed of "America."Some have called Zhou Xun as "falling into mortal wizard, " she kind of "weird" look seems to be inborn, so whatever comedy or tragedy, or neurotic "baby, " she "beauty" can always transcend Secular mediocre people love and affection.Elf is bound to the earth, but not dyed, so outspoken temperament and add more intimacy.Joke - style beauty have to say, in "A World Without Thieves" before, not achievement Joke "sexy" word.Because of her appearance, while not bad, but the lack of features, too "mediocre."This woman wants "sexy" one often requires "style", "A World Without Thieves" in the Nvzei just gave her show "style" opportunities.So Joke resorted from wigs, eyes, mouth, fingers to the appropriate clothes when they were cut open, and put the halter skirts, etc. "all the stops" ...... Of course, these are not the most important problem is that her frivolous aggressive, sinister and full of aggressive temperament, proving once again that "women want bad man loves" the truth, this "sexy" together.Shu Qi - Shu Qi beauty close to Beijing propaganda "Seoul Raiders", a lot of men and women who rushed to the scene, just to see her.It can be said, regardless of appearance or temperament, Shu Qi are beautiful enough to make anyone shut up.She also took the foreign films, there are also "international", but different and Zhang Ziyi, her wisdom is not aggressive, she did not have the kind of blazing urgent.She is a goddess of people feel close to."Millennium Mambo" make me more like Hou Xiao busy, but also makes me more fans Shu Qi."Best time" is an impressive name, Shu Qi will be in the film who played triangle, is the concentrated expression of personal strength, it must be her again bloom.Maggie - the goddess of beauty Maggie Cheung and Hong Kong, it appeared across a transparent and flexible "Auto Wall", the wall sometimes close, sometimes open.Off, she alienated the nation usual aesthetic way, cruising in Europe, Hong Mei corner, spitting faint smoke ring spoke a foreign language, independent Tongshen exudes confidence, familiar with the ways of the Western temperament; open, She never left like butter, loyal and hard-working, never arrogant, like most of an Oriental Jade: restrained and leisurely.Perhaps simply no "wall", perhaps Maggie never really in my heart which place attachment over, she just east and west alternately infiltration - alienated, accumulate in the observation realized.As the years increase, not only lonely people do not go down, but more freely.That stunning star of glory, is neither strong business trend west engulfed carrying volume, nor with the east, "the golden age of cinema, " the decline and weakness, can be said to have found in aloof among the widest positive, best known for her way out.Because of being in a wide road undisturbed large walk along this road, Maggie was able to most of the world with which can not easily be forgotten, like beauty, glamor enduring alcohol, increasingly withstand time carving.More than just the world to see her elegant side, she put on a set of learning gorgeous dress, distracted ecstatic to put her beauty with diamonds, platinum, wine equated, but they ignore the repression by the Su Lizhen, Phyllostachys jade pungent, Alice rebellious mixed, complex real soul.Fortunately, there Assayas, his discerning eye, saw Maggie intoxicating body of goddess-like demeanor, even the goods out of the Wong Kar-Wai have never been found in the United States: "She is a real movie star, with the old fashion in Today revive. then did I realize that he talked without setting "movie star" worked; previous ones, but are "actress" nothing. "Brigitte - The Beauty Myth Brigitte Lin Yi Shu wrote, she said, such a girl, into the United States like this, and she herself was completely without knowing.As a high school girl walking in the street, she was pulled to audition scouts, standing in front of the lens, the eyes are completely unknowable future confusion, it opens up a beautiful confused era, since no one instead.Her figure was like her voice in general, if then if you casually mention a beautiful word, I believe many people are Brigitte give your answer, even though it is difficult gloomy but her slightest pale color.Last year was her farewell to commemorate 10 years of entertainment, she also celebrates its 50th birthday, she will grow old, but does not the United States, because she is a beautiful myth.Sun Li - the beauty of love and affection dignified, peaceful, clean, beautiful, compassion, kindness ...... From the "Guanyin" began, she became the first line of the mainland television artistes, but also the addition of a lot since then she was born from the love of the beautiful pity .Some people say that Sun Li is snow white pale, desperate grief and sexy.I know you will fall in love with her, no matter you are a man or a woman, but do not try to save, you have only one option, like her most famous role, "Guanyin" in the same peace of mind - either kill the woman, or be killed this woman.Dengcui Wen - the years of America a "War and Beauty" and let Deng Cuiwen to this already somewhat strange name once again hot, swept the extent of no less than many years ago, "I have a date with Spring" in the Kocho.But that time is the youth Kocho dazzling, pure and minimalist, and now they are are experienced, such as Princess sails.Watching Dengcui Wen Fei played not reveal the slightest signs of fatigue, such as standing on the palace wall looks into the distance, you see a woman who is actually flowing from the signs of aging, perhaps originally the vicissitudes dash of frustration, but Deng Cuiwen confidence, magnanimous and wisdom, have made ​​this become a most beautiful thing.Twins - Charlene Choi popular beauty wisdom is, "You do not look at my face, big breasts and flat, like me now popular, " Really, there is no way popular.Although she is not a standard of beauty, but she was weird, always starts acting strangely, always give surprises.And Gillian is a standard despicably standard of beauty, facial pick not go wrong.Combination of such a pair of children, not red strange.So even if the Hong Kong Film pale, Twins pick a drama or a.Most importantly, in this era of entertainment is everything, Twins entertaining and ornamental constantly on the rise, completely unpredictable end.Zhao Wei - mature beauty business for the time Vicki to "swallow" the image of the bounce, pure and lovely.Hushanhushan big eyes when she feels innocent.Zhao Wei to fame after being implicated often involuntarily pile into a non-whirlpool, but now she seems to have it all can calm face, laugh it off.Used to be the "Mainland", and now it is "Hong Kong and Taiwan, " in the future may be "international", which is a gradual upgrade, reborn beautiful.Today, Zhao Wei is not only rewarding on the big screen, but looking back filming of "Moment in Peking", re-packed drama "Old mountains and rivers."Tai Lihua - New Year's Eve this year, the beauty of solitude, a section called "Thousand-hand Bodhisattva" dance rewrite the CCTV Spring Festival Gala mediocre recent history.The deaf performers from the 21's show, and afterwards not only successfully won the "audience favorite New Year variety show, " the first prize, and even friends initiatives to be included in the annual Spring Festival Gala fixed program - mid-speech, mid-see.Perhaps someone will "Avalokitesvara" creative, meaningful category present different questions, but it is undeniable, this wonderful dance itself is wonderful, also denied to Tai Lihua, represented a "Goddess of Mercy sister" is a meet most people's aesthetic orientation, mysterious noble, quiet elegance.Tai Lihua once said in an interview that this is the case, "the deaf hear the sound, so our inner world cleaner than healthy people."Gong Li - the beauty of brewing as a first "seeking girls", Gong Li has set thousands of pet in one.However, with the passage of time, she's getting some dim starlight.Seeing the next generation of "seeking girls" thrive Zhang Ziyi, Gong Li appears to have become a name, a representative of the times, which makes people forget her beauty.Her tall stature added some charm, and her face add more intellectual and texture.In "2046, " we re-acquainted with the old "seeking girls" and "Memoirs of a Geisha" is more an opportunity to make her acting and Zhang Ziyi on the same stage, showing mature style.Charlie - Charlie Young Lady of the United States that year, a hoarse voice over today's Cecilia, men's appearance to Chun Guo Anita, but that kind of lively and pure, pleasant fresh, absolutely doing my head of a faction teen idol.Now Charlie appeared again, style remains, but also live much FANS originally Ganchangcunduan for her withdrawal, but also to what is now called groupies taste of what real beauty.Former teen idol eye wrinkles but also a moment more reminds us that ultimately belong to teen idol age of innocence has gone.Hope Tsui Hark teacher's "Seven Swords" allows us to see Charlie again valiant and heroic.Angelica Lee - intelligent beauty of most men in the audience watching "20, 30, 40", the actress will be one of them impressed: neither "40"-year-old Sylvia, nor is "30"-year-old Rene , but "20" years old Angelica Lee.Remove young and beautiful, Angelica and her body there is a simple name commensurate temperament, people looked feel "rough."Not so many things to hone, not so much heavy thoughts, gestures flying merrily, as if "everything is possible."Cecilia - Cecilia whims of the United States although it has never Brigitte elegant Chu Chen's temperament, but it is precisely the beauty of Cecilia is in line with the times nowadays, brave, sharp, assertive, plus a little bit of hard shell fragility and bitterness.Cecilia most touching moment, is always a moment when she was hurt, she was able to enjoy from the outset be regarded as a goddess Brigitte times of worship, she staged the roots are wretched earthly devastated, although the outcome, no one is unknown.Mavis - lonely beauty of a decade ago, her smile is obedient performance, as long as she is willing, you can fool a lot of people.And now again as an independent musician in people but it is a vision of lean conceal his sickly face and brow furrowed rebellious style.Depression, avant-garde, headstrong, self, and so adjective, may not be suitable for use in Mavis body, she just grew up on the road, had given up the pursuit of his own stuff, there is no right or wrong, does not go beyond or behind, just a person's likes and dislikes only.To the way they like to settle down, when the Mavis is the most beautiful.Faye Wong - Faye love the beauty of the industrial era real idol Chinese-speaking world, you can say she looks beautiful enough, but never denied that she wind instrument with emotion, charm camera world.This person may be copied ten million in the gestures of the moment "incarnation" for countless people to imitate imagine, only love her to be careful hide, do not share with anyone.Even in pitch darkness publicity rendered by outsiders, but also disturb not bring days enjoying the beauty of the real world is flat.We can only say that she and all the faithful in the whole world their feelings like women, willing to completely own this stuff and "become very, very low, from the dust in bloom."Only this time it seems the music has nothing to do, I do not know whether it heralds an idol era coming to an end.Rene - comfortable beauty Specifically, milk body some quietly, hidden deep, men do not "colored" glasses to see it, do not abuse a woman as long as "jealousy" will be able to accommodate the CMO.She or frown or angry or sad or joyful, are comfortable too refreshing.And Rene most genius is that she is a wild actress, and is the kind that everyone take fire, take the drama drama Wang Zhu Er.She ride commercial films, like "A World Without Thieves" like that, the smell of Dachu art films; she take pure literary themes, like the drama "Eighteen Springs" like that, but also broke a little idol spark; her ride their most used ones --- Sylvia "203040" as is simply what you want into what the whole will be able to taste the taste, always worse than you think; she can even take a woman , like "Murmur" as a movie.Anyway, no matter what the play, can make you believe.Unfortunately, most people are afraid before in 2004 for Rene too impulsive, this woman would like stingy, but fortunately Feng Ye force indefinitely Midas touch.Small S - Fairy beauty she is Taiwan's "sixth grader 'representatives as sister, for a long time she was living in that flush the whole of Asia sister's shadow, until 2003 called" Kangxi to the "program turned out.She had a girl's tender, another woman's mature, like a ripe green apple, supple appearance, inside a material, from head to toe, very romantic.Neither give up the little boy in front of the release of mature charm, but also can not afford homes sold in front of the old man whine like a baby, presided over the program has always been rambling informative, just like every time the hero as she invited Sanshanwuyue Zhuquan put a dead topic're beaming bustling.Xu Jinglei - the beauty of decay With teen idol beauty and cute, Xu Jinglei debut on quickly among the "four small artistes 'ranks, however, when several other" small artistes' were still on the road to keep working hard in the actor, when Xu Jinglei is contrary unexpectedly slid into the other direction.As a professional figure skater, Xu Jinglei this turn both amazing and beautiful, in the "I and my father", the Chinese audiences to a new Xu Jinglei --- China's most beautiful female director.Although the technique remained immature, but it can make her Zoran not, and the "Letter from an Unknown Woman" is more mature glory Xu Jinglei win more applause.Thus, in Xu Jinglei still flashing beauty girls out, coupled with a layer of halo.Xu Jinglei has bothered to be known as "talented", her eyes full of desire and confidence, which makes her beauty is full of three-dimensional - both a woman's beauty, winner of America, there are people longing, her future will create the beauty of art.Angela - Angela electric eye beauty though most acclaimed singers of her highly explosive.However, the rapid accumulation of her popularity is because in the idol drama performances.Before participating in the idol, Angela is a completely "with Tokyo Shinjuku street girls no two" in humble girl.According to Angela "Bole" HONGKONG describe, first saw Angela, her body draped beaded hanging, but she has a pair of electric eye or by virtue of character performances to win a large number of fans. This is only 38 kg of skinny girls nowadays have a "seven grader "rebellious character, afraid of her mother talking, too much afraid of her mother pipe.Pursuit started at age 16 musical dreams, continue to participate in various singing competitions, until finally succeeded in standing on the stage, it is not every young girl can stick thing.Strong heart and a separate conviction, so that a quarter of Uighur descent electric eye girl holds an ever distributed energy unique beauty.

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