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New Album will end the mystery? (USA Today, March 1987)

USA Today, March 1987

By Gregory Katz and Darcy Reid Trick

No one knows what causes it to vibrate - or whether he will still be able to impress

Remember Michael Jackson? He wore a glove with jewels and danced like a demon? Recorded the most popular album in history, then gave a Howard Hughes and disappeared from public view?

He is coming out of hiding.

This weekend, he will leave his well-protected mansion in Encino, Calif., To film the clip to accompany the long-awaited - and long delayed - Thriller sequence. The album's release this spring or early summer will be joined by two new commercial for Pepsi - and possibly a solo tour.

Jackson is keeping the contents of the album in absolute secrecy. "Right now, nobody is sure what songs are on the album, " says singer / songwriter James Ingram, who is working hard. "Michael is a perfectionist. Their vision for the album is totally different from the last."

The return of Jackson answer questions created by his decision to quit her career when she reached the summit in 1984: the fans are still ready to sell out stadiums? Or his popularity declined as he became more reclusive and bizarre?

The yet untitled album faces the enormous task of being the result of Thriller, which sold 38.5 million LPs. "Once Thriller became a mega-success, the pressure immediately fell in all of us, " says producer Quincy Jones. "The key thing is to make a record with Michael is not thinking about sales, but focus on collaborating with him and his vision. Musically, the man always knows what he wants to do."

If the sponsors of Jackson are angry, they are not telling.

"We are betting that Michael's creativity will allow it to return and be more exciting than ever, " says Roger Enrico, president of Pepsi, which is paying millions to Jackson for three commercial and will sponsor him if he decides to tour . "I think Michael will be the most exciting thing in the country in 1987. Period." The problem: Jackson has been acting weird lately.

The 28 year old singer was seen wearing a surgical mask. He spends time in a hyperbaric chamber, which bathes you in pure oxygen. Can help victims of diving accidents, but Jackson believes it can slow the aging process. He took his chimp Bubbles - skates - the movie. And he pleaded with city officials to let him have a giraffe in his backyard. These are just the facts. Rumors are increasingly bizarre. Jackson would have damaged your skin with repeated surgeries pláticas? And those UK news that he was trying to buy the remains of the Elephant Man?

His only recent performance was in Captain Eo, a short film shown at Disneyland and Disney World. His reluctance to appear in public generated so many rumors that Warren Hirsh, President of Entertainment Properties, which is promoting a clothing line of Michael Jackson, recently felt obliged to deny - just out of nowhere - that Jackson and his sister LaToya would be the same person . "These rumors are insane. I saw the two together, " says Hirsh.

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